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Tales that need To be Told

  There is a strong need to tell our stories, the thinks that happen to us and the work of our creativity, real things that left something in our lives, because they are stranges, marvelous or maybe awful, in this podcast I want to give voice to literary stories some from recognized authors or from our community, we want creation that cames from a special place in our imagination, every gender is welcome here. If you have something to tell send it to tales[at]


There are several ways to contribute to this channel, the easiest is to watch the videos on Youtube and share the links on your social networks, to help me get further, that's will help me to reach more people and complete de requirements of YouTube, after I will monetize the Channel and maybe get the option of member Members  although YouTube charges higher commissions but I think is easier for many of you, another way is through where you can make one-time donations, we also have an Amazon wishlist, although not everything on that list is a priority but it would be great and finally Paypal offers us another option where you can make both a one-time donation and do it on a recurring basis if you wish. The names of the patrons will be  at the end of the uploaded videos (not shorts).


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