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Tales that need To be Told

  There is a strong need to tell our stories, the thinks that happen to us and the work of our creativity, real things that left something in our lives, because they are stranges, marvelous or maybe awful, in this podcast I want to give voice to literary stories some from recognized authors or from our community, we want creation that cames from a special place in our imagination, every gender is welcome here. If you have something to tell send it to tales[at]

About me

 Hello, my name is Ernesto H. De la Vega. I like unicorns, music and as the top of the page says, I like to read, tell stories, create, learn and when possible teach, although what gives me money is audiovisual work.


I don't think that a scholar certifications were something that defines us, but there are many people who care, I have a Bachelor degree in Advertising and a Master's  in Business Skills, I have some certifications from both companies and the Ministry of education, in TV Production, audio production and editing, voice over and anchorman; and I have some surprises for the future.

What do I do (that brings me an income)?

I am mainly a video editor, during the last 12 years, my professional life has been around the creation, production and editing of audiovisual content, for different companies such as television producers, media, mkt agencies and specifically the last 3 years working in editing and production of instructional or educational videos, if you want to see some of my work in this type of material, you can see it at this link.

What do I do on YouTube, tiktok or the other networks and why do I do it?

I tell stories, I make sound adaptations or audiobooks of literary works, but also I give voice to the stories of the community, stories that kindly people sent to me. Why? there are many reasons to do so, to make these works known in audio or video, helps people get closer to these authors, it may generate the intention to read more of them, it also supports people with some kind of visual problem or who simply do not have the time or prefer this experience, it also make us thin overs , thinking about what we are consuming, enjoying, for example with the short stories it helps us to realize that there are many styles, many structures and even   if it requires effort, everyone who wants to be a creator can reach it, I am looking for the people to be encouraged to write, to create, to get closer to that artistic side in themselves,  sometimes we thought it is kind of elevated, distant, but  is inside of us, and lastly, the personal reasons, I love it, for now recording is still a hobbie,  and I feel very happy with the adaptations, because I am making true the dream of that child who recorded on cassettes, who dreamed of telling stories, it is a small legacy, something that will remain for whoever finds it and want it, even if I am no longer here.

What do I want?

I'm not someone that complicated, I want what most people want, a dragon, a mansion, the millions... Ok, let's be reasonable, I want a good life, for me, for my family, my partner, my people, that all of us can  have what we need to live and not only survive, you know to have security, job stability, one of those utopian jobs where they respect your rights would be very useful.

Perhaps in an ideal scenario, one day I could make a living from recording  and  sharing the stories and audiobooks, of course I would love to, but I also understand that this requires many factors o be on my side, but that will not stop us, let's continue working and giving the recordings when we can.

PS I also make delicious Cheese pies


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