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Tales that need To be Told

  There is a strong need to tell our stories, the thinks that happen to us and the work of our creativity, real things that left something in our lives, because they are stranges, marvelous or maybe awful, in this podcast I want to give voice to literary stories some from recognized authors or from our community, we want creation that cames from a special place in our imagination, every gender is welcome here. If you have something to tell send it to tales[at]



Among very short short stories, but in their brevity contain adventures, lessons, interests, thoughts and even philosophy, they are minimal works that show creativity in an extract that leads us to discover different worlds in a few minutes.

For a few months now I have been uploading micro-stories to my different social networks, Youtube, Tiktok and Instagram, to spread literature and show that not everything has to be complex to be interesting, in this way maybe some people approach to longer texts from different authors or better that this give you what you need to create yout own stories, although I would like the different algorithms to like me more, this has allowed new people to come to my channels, especially I've seen the growth in Tiktok, it's not perfect and I still can't live from this, but   it's honest work and I hope you like it.


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